How earn money with pay to click sites with or without investment

Click up to 0.02$ - online since 2007. Best ptc ever.

Click up to 0.02$ - online since 2007. Best ptc ever.

I work online more than 6 years and for that time i try over 1000 paid to click sites. Now I can safely say that there only a few trusted and paying ptc sites.

I present to you only sites that really pays and pays for many years. On my site you can find only top ptc sites and nothing else.

For those of you that ne'er had contact with a ptc web site, here may be a oversimplified definition of this type of website:
A ptc may be a web site that pays its member for the ads they click and consider, on a day after day.
In a elaborated clarification, a ptc web site is that the affiliation between advertisers and its potential purchasers (in this case the ptc’s members). The advertizer pays a fee to the ptc so the ptc shares a vicinity of that fee with its members, with the sole condition that the members click and consider the ads.

Every paid to site has its own terms of service, rules and rules, however conjointly all comes with a bunch of different offers for you wish bonuses, contests, earn cash from reading emails, earn cash from signups. These explicit stuff you can discover inside each ptc member space.
One factor is additionally value mentioning is that after you register to a ptc, your scientific discipline address is saved somewhere in their databases and you can not hold two accounts to constant ptc, from constant laptop (excepting the actual fact that no ptc permits its members to possess over one membership account).

Would you prefer to earn cash from home?

Well, let ME make a case for however.

What is needed of you:

• Click on a link provided

• Read the advert

• Click on the confirmation

Many advertisers area units willing to pay cash to you for clicking on and viewing their advert.

A lot of those varieties of websites, paid to click, have clicked links, scan adverts and sign ups.

Click Links.

Each day you're providing a listing of links and you can earn cash. After you click on a link it brings up an ad that you simply ought to read for variety of seconds. Typically the time depends on the worth of viewing it. In my expertise, there's typically a counting timer indicating the time remaining to look at the advert. Once the counting reaches zero, some sites can need you to click on some reasonably confirmation that you simply viewed the advert to the proper quantity of your time. This might be to click on a random variety shown as an image. Solely click on one link at a time, otherwise you'll not earn the cash for that link.

Read Adverts.

Usually you don’t get as several of those because the click links day by day. The distinction between them is that the scan adverts usually take an extended quantity of your time to complete. Once more there's usually a counting timer to point out once the task is finished and solely click on one link at a time, otherwise you'll not earn the cash for that link.

Sign Ups.

These are a unit terribly totally different. After you click on a link, you're delivered to another web site and you're needed to sign in thereto web site. Most of the time you're asked to enter AN email address and in an exceedingly short quantity of your time, AN email of confirmation is distributed to the account you entered. You'll be asked to click on the confirmation link within the email. You're then delivered to a welcome page on the website you signed up for. at the moment you'll conjointly receive a welcome email type the web site.

For you to earn cash on sign ups you have got to verify that you simply completed the registration method. This might be posting the welcome email or the text from the welcome page. The principles of these rely on the PTC website however most of the time, the signs up pay the foremost. The earning aren't instant on sign ups, because the PTC web site can raise the sites that you simply signed up if you have got totally completed the registration method and since of this, it will take time. Once more solely click on one link at a time, otherwise you'll not earn the cash for that link.


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